A radical re-think on STEM pricing

04 May 2017

Implied Logic is excited to announce a new freemium strategy for accessing the internationally renowned STEM visual software for reliable business modelling:

  • a new and fully-functional demo system for small projects and study is now available free of charge from our new online store, and
  • a new, minimal-support annual subscription provides access to the established Conventional STEM (C-STEM) desktop solution for just GBP 330 p.a..

To sustain this move, we have also launched a new public support forum which we will monitor to ensure that it answers all the most common set-up and start-up questions. Our existing world-class consultative-support services will continue to be available to clients with time-critical requirements or confidential modelling questions via an add-on subscription.

We will be advertising a regular programme of free-to-attend online demonstrations and more in-depth training webinars to complement our traditional on-site training services for individual clients. We will be releasing a series of self-help videos, and publishing a range of training materials which will be freely accessible on our website.

With new group educational licences for students and a referral programme designed to reward every STEM user for their community activities, we expect these changes to make the established STEM modelling process familiar to a much wider audience. All users will benefit from the incremental development that this will stimulate.

Help us achieve this aim by including the hashtag #STEM4free wherever you blog about your experiences with the STEM software!

1. See what you can achieve with STEM for free

Our new free STEM demo package for the Windows operating system allows you to try out every feature of the C-STEM platform up to a limit of ten evaluators – that is, services, functions, resources and transformations. This will be sufficient to test every possible interaction and complete a modest business plan for a simple service with only a few cost headings, or a multi-segmented service offering with minimal overheads. Students will be able to create examples which demonstrate the most common concepts of business economics or engineering finance in a visual format that facilitates dialogue and promotes learning and insight instead of Excel programming.

Click for further outputs from a simple model with ten so-called evaluators

The demo package is available as a free download from our online store; all you need to do is register your details, validate your email, and then confirm your order to access the download.

If you’re not sure about evaluators, have a look at our recently revamped product site to understand the interaction between these elements, and all the essential calculations and results they will generate for you, out of the box.

2. A reasonable price for a business-aware solution

The essential value of the fully-fledged STEM platform is two-fold:

  • enabling you and your colleagues to see the big picture of an intricate business model, and to maintain focus on the strategic what-ifs in play
  • extensive pre-validated business logic which keeps working as you iterate through different business structures, and where the bottom line includes everything, guaranteed.

GBP 27.50 per month is a small price for the executive, consultant or entrepreneur to pay for the benefit of reliable results now and the peace of mind that there won’t be errors later.

When you are ready to step up, a number of annual subscription packages are available in the same online store as the free demo. By using a respected third-party payment platform, you can buy from us with confidence, knowing that your payment details will not even touch our servers. There are discounts for team packages and you can manage the soft-licence credentials for your subscription directly from your login on our website.

C-STEM works exactly the same way as the free demo, so you can build on your early learning examples directly. The larger, more detailed and rapidly evolving the model, the greater the value that you will derive from STEM holding it all together for you.

3. The new business model

STEM was originally targeted at planning teams in the telecommunications sector where the corporate price tag was justified by the multi-million-dollar investments being evaluated and the full-time roles in strategy and finance that would make these very diligent assessments.

Business planning remains an essential activity for organisations of all sizes, and in all sectors, and is increasingly important and urgent as technical innovation accelerates and markets become more competitive. In the open-source era everyone expects software to be affordable unless it is absolutely safety-critical. So STEM must be immediately accessible and at a comparable price to the Office tools it runs alongside to be a relevant offering in the 21st century.

In parallel, the STEM modelling paradigm has become increasingly generic as a process to translate a business model canvas to numbers, to the extent that its origin in telecoms is by now more of a pedigree than a speciality. The new pricing strategy reflects changing realities, against the value of a modelling paradigm which is truly timeless, and should allow this value to be realised much more widely than has been possible before. Now don’t forget that hashtag!

Online demonstration
Pre-scheduled for one hour (FREE)

Watch our experienced trainer walk through all the steps to create a model from scratch and quickly unlock a wealth of valuable business results.

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STEM User Group Meeting 2017 proceedings

Our most recent customer event was held on 27–28 September 2017 at King’s College, Cambridge. The modelling track explored three growth models for a start-up business, from unconstrained to measured to driven. The remainder of the event covered the forthcoming STEM version 8.0, the revised business model for Implied Logic, and two guest presentations.

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A freshly baked model of a start-up

We examine Michaela’s Best Bread Direct service, from her first unconstrained vision, through a more realistic measured phase and finally to a more ambitious, customer-driven approach. We demonstrate how STEM can be applied to almost any business topic and always delivers a systematic and reliable treatment of time and money.

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Business-case design and training at your service

Ever wondered what we do at Implied Logic? We have recently posted a comprehensive update to our services portfolio online which is effectively a self-service proposal for everything from online training on-demand through to on-site business-modelling consulting and hosting services for business models on the web.

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Connecting elements to graphs and publishing online

In what is likely to be the final preview article for the forthcoming STEM version 8.0, we explore visual connections between individual icons and a related graph, as well as intuitive, interactive options for adding an element to an existing graph. We also explore new layout options for pushing a presentation of results in STEM to the web.

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Our latest help and training materials

Documentation is never regarded as a very exciting activity, but our comprehensive help and training materials are a vital element of the self-serve experience with STEM. In the last quarter we have posted two significant updates to our online help site which enhance both of these aspects.

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A radical re-think on STEM pricing

We announce a new freemium strategy for accessing the STEM software, including a free and fully-functional demo system for small projects and study as a taster for an innovative minimal-support subscription to the Conventional STEM (C-STEM) desktop solution at just GBP 330 p.a..

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Vision for the forthcoming STEM 8.0

As part of our vision for a more intuitive way of working that bridges previous mental leaps wherever possible, we preview another two features of the forthcoming STEM version 8.0 – direct-draw connect mode and more flexible user data – that form part of a joined-up approach to fulfilling this dream.

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