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31 October 2017

How well do you understand your business? It may be profitable now, or at least on a cashflow trajectory your investors are comfortable with, but how prepared are you for this to change?

Implied Logic has a track record of analysing individual service propositions or complete business ecosystems in an interactive workshop style that engages and informs. Our visual software illustrates business connections in a format that anyone can understand and enables a multi-disciplinary dialogue about the business you thought you knew and the more uncertain future ahead.

For a limited period we are now offering a free STEM subscription for the first year following a paid business-review workshop. Your money could not be better spent in terms of the immediate insights gained, and we are quietly confident that you won’t want to stop once you get started with STEM.

1. The imperative to evaluate strategic alternatives

Running a business is something like sailing on the ocean: at one stage everything is fine, the sea is calm and your course is steady; but by the next watch there are clouds on the horizon and a swell is already rising. Do you sail into the storm or take evasive action? (Sometimes you have no choice.)

You have to have a budget to run a business of any significant scale, but a budget represents only one possible future; it may not be appropriate to changing circumstances, and it might not even be optimal for business as usual. You need a more flexible model to optimise where you are now, and you certainly need a model to explore your response to a changing business climate. A shift in the market, a regulatory intervention, an unexpected competitor, or even just a plain foul up could all throw your current results off to starboard.

An effective model is a language that your team understands for what makes your business tick, as well as a calculation engine informed by historical data and effective research, and a manageable process to flex key unknowns. These disciplines enable you to map out where the future could be rather than pin your hopes on a single result.

Our STEM visual software for the reliable modelling of business has all that and you can see it for yourself in one of our regular online demos, or by downloading the free demo version from our online store.

2. The impartial advisor with a fresh pair of eyes

Have you ever missed the elephant in the room (or a critical typo, or a duff assumption) because it was ‘there before’ and you weren’t really looking? If your plan is always reviewed by the same team, then it is likely that to some extent you will always think the same way, rely on the same perspectives and assumptions, or skirt around known battle lines with your colleagues in sales / marketing / product / engineering/ IT / finance (delete as appropriate).

Robin Bailey and his associates have been running business review workshops around the STEM software for twenty years across five continents. Robin brings a meticulous and fearless discipline to the identification and portrayal of your business components. What he does not know about your model he will see with fresh eyes, and what he does will still provide a fresh slant.

We have never failed to generate a meaningful set of financials for any business unit we have worked with. Often we have shown the essence of a business in a different light; a few times we have exposed flaws in existing thinking that lead to a change in pricing or product composition, or even a return to the drawing board. Every time our clients have gained fresh insights into the critical drivers of their success, and every time those sometimes warring colleagues have achieved a common understanding of how an issue impacts their organisation rather than their department in isolation.

The time to act is now

Worried about security, and the impact of a potential intruder (or the soon to be heightened regulation)? Too many choices with emerging technology? Exposed to changing customer behaviours?

We can create a highly-effective first-cut model of your business in 3–5 days which you can then play with for free for the next 12 months. We think that you might want more, but wherever you start we will deliver certainty in your evaluation of an uncertain future.

Book a Business model review workshop in our online store now, or contact us directly to discuss the options and when we can get started.

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