Business-case design and training at your service

28 July 2017

Ever wondered what we do at Implied Logic, besides developing and maintaining ‘the best business-modelling software on the planet’ (to quote a friend)? We have recently posted a comprehensive update to our services portfolio online which is effectively a self-service proposal for everything from online training on-demand through to on-site business-modelling consulting and hosting services for business models on the web.

Business-modelling consultancy

We have a track record of helping demanding clients to achieve their modelling objectives in record time and with maximum certainty. On anything from an incremental service or product launch through to a comprehensive business-costing and pricing exercise, we have the tools to deliver reliable results fast and the experience to ask the most perceptive questions. As the ‘outsider in the room’, we can often challenge existing thinking and assumptions and unlock previously overlooked business opportunities. Our after-project support means you always have a clued-up listener on the phone if your ideas fall apart ahead of a critical presentation!

STEM training

If you’re still not sure if we are a ‘software company’, the maddening answer is that we aim to be ‘a solution’. If you need the end-result, then we can be your consultant; but if you want to own the idea-engineering, then that’s fine too. Our STEM software is designed for the end user and comes with comprehensive documentation online and self-help videos in the works too.

The software is powerful, with the potential to do complicated things in a systematic fashion that you might otherwise do with error-prone and un-auditable copy and paste. So, we offer online, one-on-one and on-site training options to fast-track the client in a hurry to a level of knowledge and insight to achieve productive outcomes. Sometimes we will deliver extended, on-the-job training to assure the success of a critical first project that looks much like the business consultancy described above!

Have a look at our full services portfolio to read some case studies and see what we could do for you today!

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