Introduction and purpose

Introduction, acceptable use and house style
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Introduction and purpose

Post by Mr STEM » Tue May 09, 2017 10:46 am

Welcome to the STEM support forum by Implied Logic. This resource exists for STEM users to ask questions to other users, make suggestions, and engage in dialogue with the STEM modelling community. The forum is moderated by Implied Logic and we will aim to answer significant questions whenever we can and to correct misunderstandings wherever possible. We will also moderate the scope and content of the forum from time to time as indicated in the separate notes on Acceptable use. However, we are under no general obligation to maintain this site and the intention is for it to grow into a mostly self-supporting community over time.

The content of the support forum is open to the public to browse and read, but you must register on our main site and log-in before you can comment or post any fresh content.

There is a read-only Welcome area, including these notes and other general Forum guidelines, as well as a separate area for Announcements. The Forums area is where you will find all the real content and you can contribute to this when logged in. Please check for existing questions and solution threads before posting. If you are going to start a new topic, then please post it in the most appropriate sub-forum as follows:

Getting started: installation issues, soft licensing and running your first model
Software how-to: getting the software to do what you want
Modelling how-to: translating real life situations into STEM
Suggestions: ask for anything, but achievable is better
Suspected bugs: tell us if something appears to be awry.

We will not hesitate to block anyone who spams the forum, in any sense, or who persistently ignores moderator requests to search first or post in the right place.

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