Terms and conditions for the online store

All purchases made on this website are processed by trusted third parties. We do not process or store any of your financial details.

You can buy or renew a STEM subscription directly from our website, together with all the associated training you need to get started. Come back later if you need consulting support, or to add further users or an enterprise licence and hosting.

Note: because the majority of our sales are B2B, all prices are shown net of any sales tax which may apply. VAT is chargeable on all of our sales to UK customers and the actual amount will be shown when your location is identified at checkout.

This page explains what you can expect from this online sales process and the nature of our mutual obligations.

Customer definition

When you buy software through our online store, the subscription is either for your personal business or study, or made on behalf of your employer for yourself or a colleague. Nothing in this agreement permits you to transfer the software to any other person or company.

Cooling off period

Consumers in the EU benefit from a 14-day right to change their mind and get a full refund specifically on the purchase of so-called digital downloads. However, by agreeing to these Terms and conditions for the online store, you confirm that this right will be waived once the relevant download has been started. This limit is stated clearly in the order confirmation email and also alongside the relevant download pages on the website.

On-screen licence agreement

When you use the software for the first time you will need to accept an on-screen copy of our standard subscription software licence agreement.

Soft licensing

When you use the software for the first time you will also need to authenticate the installation with a local soft licence before you can run a model. (Detailed instructions are provided in the order confirmation email as well as on our website.) As a protection against the risk of device theft, you will need to repeat this procedure to refresh the soft licence every 90 days.

Terms of business for services purchased through the online store

Whenever you purchase training or consulting via the online store, the work will be subject to our general terms of business.

Privacy policy
We will never share your personal information for commercial gain.

When you register for a website account, you are consenting to the use of your personal information.

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