Various packages are available according to the depth of analysis required, and the desired level of team engagement, dissemination of results and re-use of models. Subscription and perpetual licences are available.

Implied Logic issues one major software update each year, most recently STEM version 7.5. We also issue maintenance releases from time to time when problems of core functionality are identified and resolved.

STEM demonstration Our new free STEM demo package for the Windows operating system allows you to try out every feature of the C-STEM platform up to a limit of ten evaluators – that is, services, functions, resources and transformations. This will be sufficient to test every possible interaction and complete a modest business plan for a simple service with only a few cost headings, or a multi-segmented service offering with minimal overheads. Students will be able to create examples which demonstrate the most common concepts of business economics or engineering finance in a visual format that facilitates dialogue and promotes learning and insight instead of Excel programming.

The demo package is available as a free download from our online store; all you need to do is register your details, validate your email, and then confirm your order to access the download.
Conventional STEM
A professional modelling package with user-definable inputs and formulae, multi-dimensional scenario management, integrated sensitivity analysis, shorter time periods, template (geographical) replication and resource-level breakdown of allocated costs.

The software is licensed to run on a specific number of desktops, and authorised with a security key (or ‘dongle’). The user has full flexibility to create and run models of arbitrary structure.
Distributable STEM

A model publisher which can create ‘run-time’ models which may be distributed to third parties. A run-time model has a fixed structure and may be distributed to run on keyless machines with varying input assumptions, allowing other teams to run their own sensitivities through a business model, while expert modellers retain control over model structure.
Enterprise STEM
A Web technology for presenting models which avoids the need for end-users to install or learn new software. A link in an email can lead directly to a customised presentation of key input parameters and any combination of dynamically updated results in a single screen. This can be exploited as an internal distribution mechanism (intranet), and as a platform for Web-based marketing via the Internet.

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