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Increasing market share with Voice over LTE

Mobile operators who have deployed Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks mostly resort to Circuit-Switched Fallback (CSFB) for handling voice calls even though this often means that data sessions are suspended for the duration of a voice call. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is an emerging standard which uses IMS to carry voice as a packet-based service on the 4G data network. However, operators have been cautious to adopt this approach due to lack of consensus, and because of the cost associated with investing in the IMS sub-system.

VoLTE promises a better service experience for mobile subscribers while reducing load on an operator’s legacy network. Implied Logic has developed a methodology for comparing the benefits of being the first mover in a market to adopt VoLTE with the disadvantages of being the last mover. The cut-down interface shown below demonstrates the effects as a function of market characteristics and timing.

Figure 1: Live snapshot from the model

Implied Logic can work with you to customise this methodology to your individual market and current network position in order to fast track a credible financial assessment of your strategic options. Please access the full model and download a detailed description of the methodology to review offline and share with interested colleagues.

Online model

A more comprehensive web interface exposes a broad selection of inputs and outputs across multiple tabs. A detailed description of the methodology is available to review offline and share with interested colleagues.

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Frank Haupt has been actively using STEM for over ten years in various international projects, focusing particularly on service costing. Frank has an intimate knowledge of network architecture, design and technology, combined with hands-on experience of installation, configuration, and training in operational environments.

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