STEM User Group Meeting 2011

06 May 2011

Prospective users can ‘hear it like it is’ from our existing client base as we demonstrate the latest software release and engage in candid discussion about our (your) future priorities.

OK, so we have run User Group events before – 15, to be precise – but none have attempted to generalise modelling tricks developed on the road into formal, trainable techniques, nor to use the audience directly to illustrate statistical truths relevant to technology planning for radio-access networks or so-called ‘over the top’ (OTT) video.

Experience all of this and more for the two days, Wednesday–Thursday 05–06 October 2011 in the exclusive setting of King’s College, Cambridge, UK. There is no charge for the event itself, but delegates are required to meet their overnight accommodation expenses. Registration is now closed.

Morning (1) Morning (2) Lunch   Afternoon (1) Afternoon (2) Evening
Showcase: comparing approaches to planning mobile network upgrades where a tilted distribution for timing is required  Delivery: presenting a flash method for putting business models in your customers’ hands   Training: using the audience to re-examine fundamental assumptions of network dimensioning  Update: appreciating how STEM 7.3 [will] remove roadblocks to user adoption Gala dinner at King’s College

Detailed programme for day one, Wednesday 5 October 2011

Morning (1) Morning (2) Lunch   Afternoon (1) Afternoon (2) Evening
Waking up: the audience returns to query the relevance of the ‘busy hour’   Measuring up: exploring further techniques from the road on ring dimensioning   Filling up: from the taxi to the airport, understanding the new consumption concept in STEM  Talking up: your chance to influence our priorities for a new interface design for the STEM desktop solution before we then focus on a cloud model  Informal meal for overnight guests

Detailed programme for day two, Thursday 6 October 2011

Partners are welcome to attend the formal dinner in college on the Wednesday evening, as well as any of the technical sessions which might be of interest.

Please check back nearer the time for details of the tourist programme, which may be subject to the overall numbers, as well as the infamous British weather!

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