New advisory board

03 May 2013

Implied Logic has benefited from informal advice and feedback from a number of impromptu advisors and countless friends in the global telecommunications industry. Following on from a number of exploratory meetings in 2012, we are now delighted to announce the appointment of a formal advisory board, the membership of which will be featured prominently on our website and other high-level corporate communications.

The new board gathers a wealth of expertise and experience from engineering, research and development, sales, marketing and finance positions with telecoms operators and vendors, and shares a common interest and passion for the benefits of creating business simulations for informed decision making.

1. Familiar faces and guiding lights

Andrew Bligh has held a variety of senior finance positions at Motorola, Cisco and Xchanging, and is currently the Vice President of Finance, EMEA for Qlik Tech – a user-driven business-intelligence software company. While he was the Finance Director for Cisco’s EMEA Telco and Service Provider business, Andrew helped re-introduce Cisco to STEM, as well as the Implied Logic business modelling methodology, and then carried this into a global role where it was used to help telco’s model and understand the economics of selling cloud services to their customers. A unique combination of engineering, finance, international experience and insight gained from working with STEM will enable him to help Implied Logic to grow and develop into the future.

Oscar González Soto is collaborating with Implied Logic on the assessment of business modelling requirements derived from the current ICT convergent markets, services and networks. He is actively working on various applications of STEM for emerging markets in association with the ITU-BD as a consultant for the Information Society development projects, and especially on techno-economic evaluations for deployment of broadband services and solutions. Prior to his role with the ITU-BD, he was Director for Network Planning and Strategic Studies within Alcatel Paris following various activities on teletraffic modelling, quality of service evaluation, network planning-tools development and business planning.

Michael Eaton is currently Deputy Director for ICT Business Strategy & Planning for the Welsh Government, a Policy Fellow at the University of Cambridge Centre for Science & Policy and Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society. He previously worked in the private sector for 23 years, and has held positions in R&D, product management, marketing, business development, government broadband and mobile policy, and market delivery. Direct experience of working in start-ups (three so far), high tech corporate venturing and recent roles involving governance, risk and complexity in large scale national network collaborations has provided Michael with a range of experiences that create insight into new opportunities in technologies, people and organisations.

Andy Valdar has had a wide ranging career in telecommunications, covering network planning, international standardisation, training, marketing and product management, advising on technical aspects of regulation, and developing network and technology strategy. After 30 years working for BT, including three years on secondment to the United Nations in India, he joined University College London (UCL) in 1999 where he is currently Director of the Telecommunications with Business Masters programme. He has authored two books on telecommunications and is actively involved in international conferences. He is a Director on the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP) main board and Chairman of the editorial board of the ITP Journal.

2. Further industry experience and expertise

Please click through to the Advisory board page for more details.

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