New Implied Logic website

31 January 2011

What is Implied Logic?

A major update to the Implied Logic website has been completed to coincide with the milestone release of STEM 7.2c, and the site now provides a detailed introduction and reference for all aspects of our software and related expertise. The expansion incorporates all of the content originally hosted at Analysys Mason and includes a rich transcription of the STEM newsletter archive dating back to April 2002. These steps now complete the transition for to become the de facto reference for STEM.


The new home page is designed to answer questions like What is Implied Logic?, and the site in general aims to explain (hopefully with the minimum of navigation):

  • What do we do?
  • Where are we based?
  • What is STEM?
  • Where can you find the latest release notes and downloads?
  • What can we do for you? (for visitors from varying industry sectors)
  • What’s new?


We have adopted a two-column format to keep the ‘document area’ as wide as possible. The menu navigation is consistently placed to the right and/or bottom of the text of the current page, as it is intended to provide options for what to read next. The footer images are consistently hyperlinked to the top of the page (from the squares at the bottom left) or back up one level (from the road at the bottom right) in order to accelerate your journey through the site.


The core material and recent newsletter articles are believed to be accurate and up-to-date, but we are still working through some of the older articles where the stylesheet transition has been less straightforward.

We will be delighted to receive feedback, opinion, or any corrections (almost inevitable after this scale of addition).

We hope that you find the site helpful and easy to navigate.

© Implied Logic Limited