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Motorola selects STEM business-modelling tool

30 January 2005

Motorola’s Business Innovation and Consulting group (BIC), part of Motorola’s Networks business, has recently selected the STEM software as its standard business-modelling framework application. BIC provides business advisory and consulting services to Motorola’s customers, helping them to gain commercial, market and financial advantage.

David McGrath, global leader of BIC, said “STEM will join a broad portfolio of analysis and engineering applications utilised by our consulting group for sophisticated techno-economic, market and commercial analysis to identify and enhance the value our customers derive from new technologies, products and services.”

Motorola selected STEM after extensive evaluation of available solutions in the market. Of prime importance was the ability to easily interface STEM to existing applications for network dimensioning, performance analysis, technology and market simulations. “As our new standard business modelling framework, STEM will assist in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our techno-economic analysis, ultimately allowing Motorola to delivery greater value-add to our customers,” said Mr. McGrath.

“Our Research and Development laboratories will run one of the first applications for STEM, quantifying the commercial value of next-generation communication technologies.”

Motorola provides seamless mobility products and solutions across broadband, embedded systems and wireless communications networks worldwide.

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