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Fantasy Service Provider Game

30 October 2002

We are providing the network modelling software and telecom scenarios for an interactive online game, produced by Light Reading, which will let you play the role of an ILEC looking to upgrade its existing network infrastructure. You’ll set tariffs for internet access and corporate networking, select various next-generation network technologies such as Concatenated SDH/SONET, Resilient Packet Ring, Gigabit Ethernet and MPLS, and then compare EBITDA, RoI and other key financial metrics with other competitors.

This novel attraction forms part of Light Reading’s new Service Provider Circle information resource. The interactive presentation, while safely removed from reality, explores the key technological and pricing issues facing carriers today, and delivers stark and immediate quantitative analysis of the impact of the players’ executive decisions. Who would you have on your team? The scenario for the game has been developed jointly with Light Reading, providing a unique combination of strategic insight and informed commentary. The underlying game technology will link servers in the USA and the UK and will rely on the latest eSTEM Internet technology.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to run a profitable carrier network, then visit the free registration page (Note: this is no longer active) for the Service Provider Circle. Light Reading will then contact you when the Fantasy Service Provider Game is ready.

Service Provider Circle

Service Provider Circle (SPC) is an information resource covering the service provider market. This Web site and weekly email newsletter help carriers and customers understand the telecoms services landscape by providing inside news on what's going on in the market. It aims to explain the significance of developments by putting them into context readers can understand.

SPC combines aggressive technology news analysis with top-flight financial journalism, and also covers the innovators driving the communications services industry forward. SPC provides this information free of charge, its revenues coming from other sources, such as advertising and conferences.

Light Reading, the well-respected optical networking information resource and SPC’s parent publication, was founded by Stephen Saunders and Peter Heywood, former executive editors of Data Communications magazine.

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