Establishing a standard platform for excellent business modelling

The STEM product never fails to attract rave reviews from the limited audience it has been exposed to in the past, so the simple strategy is to grow the company by widening that audience.

The first aim of that planned growth is to establish partnerships with an increasing number of external consultant-partners who can promote STEM-based solutions in business planning, budgeting and profitability analysis to existing clients in their own markets.

The company aims to seek partners with a wide range of disciplines with the secondary intention that such consultants may also introduce STEM to potential clients working in other industries such as information technology, cloud computing, serviced properties, transport logistics, and energy supply, where we have already demonstrated a strong potential fit.

Implied Logic now operates a successful programme of follow-up training and expert model advisory services, both for partners and end-users, which accelerates their learning and initial productivity with the STEM software. Not only does this on-site ‘hand-holding’ approach offer the best opportunity to lead a client forward and to ‘see problems coming’, it also increases the pace at which concrete deliverables can be achieved. The motivation of each client group can be thus enhanced, leading to a virtuous circle of satisfaction and results.

So as not to compete directly with the external partners which it regards as central to the sustainable business model of more widespread use of the software, Implied Logic ‘does not do consulting’ as such (typically leaving end-to-end model development projects for external partners). Yet these facilitating activities provide vital insights into client priorities and frustrations and add a useful, complementary revenue stream to the more unpredictable pattern of licence sales. The immediate development priorities for STEM are now firmly focused around removing observed roadblocks so as to ease initial adoption by the coming generations of clients.

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